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We’ve had a long relationship with SmartFoxServer that began in 2005. goToAndPlay(), the Italian company behind SmartFoxServer, had just released their first version. At the time, we were looking for a platform to build a Virtual World for the ABC Family / Global TV show Falcon Beach. To achieve what we set out to do, we needed to customize the server with some features that goToAndPlay() were coincidentally working on. We shared our findings and the rest is history.

Sample games

Turn–based, cross–platform and mobile

To highlight the some more advanced features of SmartFoxServer, we built an “Angry Birds” style mobile game. Using a 2D physics engine, a desk cannon is used to try and knock down your opponents desk items. The game can be played on Android or iOS devices and continues to be shipped with server in the samples package.

Everybody loves a race

The release of SmartFoxServer 2X brought a newly improved core engine and a few bells and whistles with it. SFS 2X needed some sample apps to highlight those new features and they chose us to develop a racing game to feature the inclusion of the UDP protocol. We deployed predictive positioning to correct the impact of network lag and sent position updates from each player multiple times per second.

SmartFox Adobe Air SpaceRace

The SFS2X SpaceRace game continues to be available to help new developers learn some of the gaming techniques and best practices to use when building SmartFox games.


Meet the native iOS API for SFS2X

When SmartFoxServer needed the iOS API developed for their server, A51 was their first call. We added UDP support and HTTP tunneling elevating the API to be on par with the other mature APIs already available.

To top things off we added support for Mac OSX, developed dynamic documentation and packaged the source code for secure distribution.

Looking for archived documentation of the API? We have a full archive of the iOS API for SmartFoxServer we delivered hosted here. Let us know if you need the API framework files, we have those archived too.

Premier partner

SmartFox Server premier partner

On top of developing sample applications and tutorials, we’ve published numerous White Papers and were asked us to create the Official SmartFoxServer Tutorials on YouTube.

Our most recent White Paper describes our experience with RunSocialAn App, a Marathon and an Astronaut

A51 continues to be a SmartFoxServer partner and is often referred clients by the SmartFoxServer team for application based consulting, issue resolution, and scaling. It’s been a decade long relationship and we’re looking forward to the next ten years.