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Business Intelligence & Sales Platform for Canadian Alcohol Vendors


A feature rich platform to manage, monitor, and report on daily business activities for the Wine, Spirits, RTD, Cider, & Beer industries.


In Ontario, alcoholic beverage sales are controlled by a duopoly — The LCBO and The Beer Store. The Liquor Control Board of Ontario is a Crown corporation that retails and distributes alcoholic beverages throughout the province of Ontario. Similarly, The Beer Store is a privately run corporation that sells and distributes beer products throughout the province.

DigThisData for LCBO and TBS data

Given a territorial duopoly, beer, wine, and spirits vendors need only to concern themselves with sales and industry figures from two retailers. Together, the LCBO and TBS run over 1400 locations in Ontario and volumes of data on inventory, sales, and performance is provided in crude and rudimentary formats.


Beverage manufacturers and distributors are faced with the task of scrutinizing these large data sets to try and make sense of how their product performance is progressing. Files exported by the LCBO and TBS are character delimited, complicating any type of meaningful ingestion. At best, Excel spreadsheets can be purchased for an additional fee, however comparing week–over–week patterns, or monthly figures can be difficult to gauge.

Formats vary between the LCBO and TBS and understanding both sets of data requires twice the effort. DigThisData enables vendors to ingest their data for instant analysis.


DigThisData provides a unified platform for vendors to analyse their data. Combined with Sales Cycle Management, CRM, Logistics, and Order Management, DigThisData is a one–stop–shop for many vendors. Initial setup only takes a few minutes and DigThisData instantly turns your raw, unreadable files into beautiful, dynamic charts and tables.

Retail store inventory levels are updated nightly to notify sales staff of locations requiring more product. Product orders can be generated, emailed, and stored for easy processing and reconciled automatically against inventory levels. See all the features at

With the success of DigThisData, the platform has added support for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland.

Now Available througout Canada

DigThisData has launched to rave reviews and is experiencing tremendous growth in product and users. If you’re interested, a 14 day trial offer is available —no credit card required. Email sales with any questions, or give it a try.

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