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Efficiently manage inbound quote requests


A CRM for inbound lead management


QuotePlease is complete solution for managing inbound quote requests. Conversion rates increase by giving staff the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently generate professional quotes and centrally manage customer communications.

The sales bottom line hasn’t changed. All your inbound marketing efforts attempt to turn prospects into loyal customers. Immediately upon entry into the top of the sales funnel, it is critical to effectively manage leads.

QuotePlease Dashboard


Take action from any device

Companies can now manage every inbound lead, opportunity, and customer, and take action from any web enabled device in any location.

A mobile–first Software as a Service (SaaS), QuotePlease enables your sales team respond in a timely manner with complete platform independence.

Manage and monitor communications

By ingesting all communications between the customer and your staff, QuotePlease provides a unique view of the sales opportunity. All customer information, requests, inbound and outbound communications, and reports are conveniently located within a single dashboard. Managers can assign & prioritise requests and gain valuable insights into how the sales cycle is functioning in the organization.