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Video feedback solved


A robust platform to measure user engagement with ease


BackSpin is robust platform designed for video professionals to easily measure user engagement. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques, producers can refine their work based on data. It’s the focus group for the modern broadcasting.


In the nearly two decades of working with the Film and Television industry, we had been asked by many clients to provide a solution for their video management needs. Video online is still in it’s infancy, and in the pre–YouTube days, it was the most cumbersome media to deal with. Huge file sizes and proprietary codecs posed huge challenges for anyone wanting to develop online and cloud based video systems.

By 2011, we had devised a way to easily upload large video files, have them automatically transcoded, and deliver them efficiently from the cloud to desktop and mobile devices.

Cloud based streaming

Sharing video files is now easy task —especially proprietary ones. Basic file sharing platforms like DropBox and Google Drive allow users to distribute files, however ones the file is delivered it can easily be copied and re–distributed. BackSpin was created as a streaming service making it easy to share the experience, not the file.

BackSpin File Manager

Granular permissions are easily set for a project and optional notifications are automatically sent when new files are added or a team member posts a comment.

Qualitative and quantitative metrics

Predicting how your video will perform is challenging. Whether it’s an 30 second ad or a half hour TV show, knowing how the audience engages with your content in critical. BackSpin allows the producer to distribute your work to a select number of viewers and measures their interactions giving the production team unique insights into user behaviour.

BackSpin File Manager

A robust and flexible platform

In addition to direct uploads of media, BackSpin supports Vimeo accounts so team members can share password protected video without having to email the team the credentials. Through the Vimeo API, BackSpin gives instant access to entire libraries of pre–existing content.

BackSpin Metrics View

By prioritising usability, BackSpin provides an intuitive interface for devices of all sizes while offering bank level security for copyrighted material.